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Marion Gibson, author and consultant on the history oN witchcraft and magic

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Author and Historian Marion Gibson Discusses “Witchcraft: A History in 13 Trials

Ashland Library MA, USA | Thursday, March 7, 2024 | 10am ET (Boston time)

We are so fascinated with witches and witchcraft so we are taking this opportunity to discuss both with historian and author Marion Gibson about her book, “Witchcraft: A History in 13 Trials”. This book is a fascinating, vivid global history of witch trials across Europe, Africa, and the Americas, told through thirteen distinct trials that illuminate the pattern of demonization and conspiratorial thinking that has profoundly shaped human history. So grab your morning tea (or afternoon tea, depending on where you are) and join us for this fascinating conversation.

“Witchcraft: A History in 13 Trials” – Marion Gibson in conversation with Cathy Rentzenbrink

Wayward Book Festival, Falmouth UK | Wednesday, 1st May, 2024 | 6:30pm

The world of witch-hunts and witch trials sounds archaic and fanciful, these terms relics of an unenlightened, brutal age. However, we often hear ‘witch-hunt’ in today’s media, and the misogyny that shaped witch trials is all too familiar. In Witchcraft, Marion Gibson delves into the history of the witch trial but also their persevering relevance: witch trials have been twisted and transformed over the course of history, the definition of a witch reimagined and repurposed over time.

Author and Historian Marion Gibson Discusses “Witchcraft: A History in 13 Trials

Essex Book Festival, Chelmsford UK | Tuesday, 25th June, 2024

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Past events

Chalke Valley History Festival

Watch my Desert Island Books from the Festival here

Time for another ‘Desert Island Books’! 📚
Today Marion Gibson, Professor of Exeter University gives her top 5 which includes books by Hallie Rubenhald and Annie Garthwaite… Marion will be at Chalke Valley History Festival on Tuesday 27th June to talk about WITCHCRAFT: A HISTORY IN THIRTEEN TRIALS.

Bury St Edmunds Literary Festival

Saturday 21st October 2023

This panel event with three celebrated authors, whose work tells the stories of the women they called witches, will explore both the history and the modern relevance of such stories. The authors will read from and talk about their books and there will be discussion about why we shouldn’t forget the plight of the people who lost their lives to the witch trials in the town we live in.

Standon Calling Festival

Friday 21st July 2023

Budleigh Salterton Literary Festival

Sunday 24th September 2023

Professor Marion Gibson, Professor of Renaissance and Magical Literatures at the University of Exeter, and the writer Kim Sherwood (A Wild and True Relation) explore the historic treatment of ‘different’ women in reality and fiction, and why ‘witch’ is such a pejorative term and loaded with fear and loathing.

London ComicCon

Saturday 27th May 2023

British Library Festival of the Accused

Saturday 4th November 2023
Reinventing and reclaiming the witch with Kirsty Logan, Juno Dawson, Malcolm Gaskill, Ronald Hutton, Naomi Paxton, Marion Gibson, John Callow, Shami Chakrabarti, Marisa Carnesky, Zoë Howe, the Witches of Scotland, Jenny Runacre, Amy Kingsmill, Parma Ham and more.

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